Text for Cape Girardeau Weekly Argus

              announcements for congress i mmwtßce iy«elt n independent candidate for ctagren at next election 1 refer to iay cotirseia qemsress i belong aeitfaer td the radical nor 4a the mocra«.ic j»ai i appeal to the people to austaia tamy support of the principles of a free govern ment without regard to old party line 3 i have given ! nj xpeet to give my unqualified support president i johnson in his restoi stivn policy 1 ilsjobel | wuhington apnl^ls 1866 i 1 hereby anaounce myself j a jandldat for au '•■ w««^in theffejitl congressional district of missouri ' m»bj««t t h action of a bistriot n?etitiwß of the consertative james » 4 mccobmifci leontoiij april 18 1866 "' fob statjs senate w are anthon*e to ftonounce the name of nknr 3.mal the pteatmt incumbent as candidate for re lbotio«|to represent the fwenty-flfth senatorial dis trict c«nipos«d of the countleg ot scott mississippi www madrid pemis<kj dunfcha aodstoddardi io tb s«a»teof th^statft f missouri we h»v been autiiorizes t»*onounc ttienaßw «/ tewstdka h davis of cape girardeaa county as a candidate to represent thetwehfy-sixth senatotial btotriot eompoasdof l**i«atmoesof cspec^rardeau bol}jng«r and pewcy in the iiextsenerat assembly of sti«tot»ri,^ubjec to the decwioa of a conserv tive vbio«distri(?t coßvontios ** death of gen cass we are pained to announce this week ibo death 0 the venerable statesman and soldier wjiose name neads this article xjen lewis cass io at nis home in detroit michigan ob the mh inst^at the'advanced age igoty-three years thus closes the eatcer pi'l-he last of those giant states aien whose intellects madfe their fame national and world-wide ejsewbre will be found,an article from ihe st t-omfs^isjpatcb of isth givirlg a sum mary of he life and services of the distinguished dead the probity of tom fletcher f although r£om fittchwr a&4 hii i contemptible minions a*e etest-ed by j the peopled missouri scor&fally and haughtily treated in their private and ss^flkiai illations aa becomes a digti j fted sad hoaorablrsociety svheif for j d aqto ebraminric'auon with disso i late and inprincipled characters 1 till with fihamelesfe ami what is still | torse malignant audacity he and : tfcey exercise the functions of theih tsbpe«u\'<m>ffiee regardless of law of j mmmoti decency ] it is not enoughio appoint men tainted with impiety and steeped in ! crimes—suoh as arson larceny and to r©sp@jisib.k and once bon erable offices but he selects those against whom eveq ho adi<?als have ' expressed thcif disapprobation so > b<nrrbly vile 4 unnaturally low writhe pfiople^efyjßg aspijraotsy > tofe it is the malignant'pjeasurfc of this exocrablf executive by such,ap ' p-okiments to sink the state if posl aible feey-ond redemption crov#ijnqf to tarn/rom an odious mis yr^ant teas honorabie^en^etjsan „ had a more dffficjijt task to j*mslio yaie4he condition and jeetore the war riven fstate of mississippf-i-a task which required actiye intelligence } souud judgoien and consistent hu raanity-r-than had to fletcher m ik fe-invigoration of th oi^ly par distracted of missouri pat how different he oondifcion—how unlike the prosperity and prpgpects ©| those states whil mississippi presents a flourishing agricultural r gime-«-a contented and la*vf-abiding people striving xo retrieve the disas ters oi their state rebuilding edifices nd reconstructing jrailroads-*-mis 90ar fe ia depressed |» h<sr finaiice8 > gloomy ift»prospects t backward i»a ricaltarej and all owj to the rule of » sinister designing man whose last act ©£ infamy was the ircacherons ! caw of the south wesi pacific railj-oad ; to treneral frempn | it is welifo apeoplojusf eaierg-1 i^g fronij an interneewie war t<rb i conciliatory an forbearing—4a be reticenl irt exasperation j but to bo robbed imprisoned and maltreated td be defraa3ed of their rights and crashed by tyrannical officials to see bankruptcy approaching and their railroad stock coolly and dishonestly tlrown fnto the new york market f the personal aggrandisement of etcher fremont & do is calcula ted to arouse the least irascible na tare ahef organize a resistance to jn bxecutiv whose sole ambitiou js to be ctestrrfctive whose greatest virtue s to be tnaligqant whose honestesfc policy is tq swindle the people and wjowfereitert merit u his mortality commiseioiiers have fust clos ed the negotiations witfc j&en fre yontj and transferred jo^him he p a ih we-t pacific ea^oad # for some thiagover a million dollars which is t^de paid in installments of one two tfiree and|b»f ymrs , by a man does nofc *% i^l moment possess mon y enongh to pay for a new jersey ftt but will realize for himself and fletcher all tfiafc capitalists will pay for the rolling stock we bope tom ffetchef will no steal the state ar ait 4td peddle tbem to yankee frtts grmns for wrapping pper the campaign opened political speaking at cape oirardean hamburg and jackson—conserva tism rampant radicalism cwchant according to appointment captain geo a magwire by request of tfie state central democratic isoramittee addressed the citizens of cape girar dea'u county from the balcony of the st charles hotel ia this city tues day evening jane 19tbj4aking for his theme the politicali%iquity,*de straetive policy and unpatriotic ceurse of>the radical element the captain did not gonfine hira elf exclusively to the discussion of the unenviable merits of drake fletcher & cot but ook the party ia alhti ramificatiods from thaddeas of berkshire to babeocke of unknown parts and if ever gangrened flesh suffered from the scalpel the eadicals caught it in ihe operation they tm derwent at the hands of this sk/itlful 1 young doctor ef radical putridity argumentative and caustic he went at the radicals mit masterly effective * style to their utter discomfiture and j achieved a tolaf demolition of their bayonet-suslaified fraudulently en * forced,cur-dog politics of course they attempted toliow him down and assailed him with snap pish blackguardism j anil we were not a littie surprised to see tom stock j ton a-negro who had attafncd much { commendation for good behavior dis grace 1 himself by joining an outside rabble^who in the beginning thought they could intimidate so*small a fcan 1 as w captain tom if you wish to i sustain yourself forth fulure don't be fouwl sgain m such company as j the u.s bejfuty colle^tor dur jong ■ legged wide-aioutned county judge | smith vigi whilftey o coram6a i picas judge jiui-my me william et i allii even if 4h&f do shout loud if ihafc kitte radical crowd irfjfi-ofifr oi the beer^aloom^idn't catch a lwtor waksed up capt ma-gwire thett>wod6n?^waßi4i amt tie turn ed o thtraf with such cattlftg invec j tit and inimitable satir thai they were bid oo glad y e&flijrtomise with a decoct respectful silence : capt magwire iben wen in %& say that ifewas pdgsibjo t^afrgment'lhe numerical strength ef iven so bad 1 parsy 6 tae*rardi<;a!s ; bul disturbing conservative orators on public occa sions was nof^alculateel fo^ave tha,t effect as ihfc loss of two radical vote&af vvarrensbufg resulting from a radical atterftpj %® siletrco pranl blair w6uld prove aftor spealing one hour and a quarter to th n boundjßd salfefaction of his friendl a»d the loudfy demonstrated chagrin of his en^mies captafii u with a graeefol and eloquent perdration withdrew fram l&o stand whcr<s he h&4 distinguished tismeelf by a cdni pute subdual of his turbulent loud mouthed dpposers to give roomio 1 col clark 6ip mississippi the colone briefly stated that he was a warm supporter of andrew johnson an advocate of conserva tive democratic principles an 4 a bif ht opponent of the radical party in itfl mildest ans every phase and eve vy ini|uitous pioceeding and closed by announcing nfmself a dongres sxonaf candidate to bo governed by the action 6f the democratic conven tion tad bjedge_d to support us nom inee judqi qbei:n het took yie pt*nd,andjoccupied the time with an effectiye argurnent^so lucid sententious and unanswerable that eve,ry intelligent hearer was sat isfied tbdt the conservatives fer justly vindicated an the radicals s completdyi busted that their pitiful howls bore a ludicrous reserabjancje tc the yelpings of a scalded dog & who was it took a p«)jguion on the-opposite side of the street^and aflfrngted some thing^-whether a reply or jaot-^could no be olearly ascertained t-but if it was he tpok goo 4 grounds for he was standing on the steps the argus and better ground a radical could n'fc ecupya whoever he wa t is certain ha was ngi disposed ta throw any igh oa the üb|eet or his countenance—a commendable thing probably—as it is jreaifdnamd t up pose that ono would not signify and j exalt the other and be was by no means desirous of making his sbamo | public i m cowardly scoundrel som dfrty eo-wardly scoundrel who beats about the name resentk blance to &-' decent man as a boiled dog to a spring chicken illustrated hia sneaking propensities by throw ing a rock into * window of the st charles striking anft severely injur ing an old matir the guilty wrotch who threw th stone was evidently wincing trover the merited flagella tion he had just received from the fiery captam magwire and nought a true eadicatmod of exhibiting his ipleen by a neak!i>g^cewßrdty act oa"thursday 21st inst capt ma gwire made an effective and fruitful speech at hamburg scott county his-audience were composed moßtly of radicals with a arg delegation tie most respectable ladicals from comm«ref ithey ver all gentle men and listened to him with mark ed attention extending to him every courtesy due from them to a btrao ger he was answered py cpl fos tej of ihe last named place who maintained hi political pinions and fought the arguments of his opponent with the firmness and the kind polite ness 4>f a true gentleman h<v ma-j gwire concluded amid the hearty ap plause and kind greetings o the as sembled crowd , on saturday he addressed the good people of jackson theoounty^eat of cape girardeaa the assembly hero was aorlarge that ail could not hear tjij and triumphant jphilipic jevejy time he jbit-»-and he did hi of ten and hard—the new constitution charles dt prak^t^ra fletcher tid hjs'jbougljfe pups the applause which he received made ring.-t the ladies vied wjth one another io fosy oheeka and approving stßiles t^ie hospitality which evjsry home profusely offered—4he owete mustc which gushed fr©m riaay a rosyjip and spraeigij?om tnanyifctaijerjag j ger made he captain fe«l tha he was a welcome aßd dfaired goesfc nis reception here was an v-atwnu we arc under icuy qwiga-tions to c#pr-^agwir fo tb.is vijhto^ogth eaat i|issouri # k good whfeb he has accomplished has fet surpassed our rapst eangufne expectations nd while wo return to mni ftujp hearty thaak we still with pleasure antici pate the time when we shall see his nl^asant face again captain many af the fair ones corniplafe that last week they suffered 4 rorn th_e tatiooof the heart to the public for feo-w-eekfy argus the wte kailfoad convention at capegarlar^ea re#oived unanimously ! jq prosecute at oi!ce the enterprise to unite our system of railroads^vith t thai of the south by a^if^oj tfonned stiqtl by way of the pitet knob qap \ gimrdeau anrd bel moot railroad the iron mountain road is to be sold september next and by the terras of sale tt extension to belraong must oe completed within five years it is therefore importaat^tha^if we wpitld secure the extension on the li&e of 6ur route we must be able tp offer : with our other advantages suitable indaoements to the neßv'cdmfsany by way of a respectable subscription list yhe times i know are unpropitious yet the deep general interest both : north and south of us left lr a direct connection of our lystem of rtvflroads presses th question tipon us and rea ders delay dangers jt then behooves the friends gt our route to go t work in earnest should it be selected our enterprise is a consummation a new era will dawn tpen us and ho one will have cause to regret the sacrifices he may have made our object now is to see what can be done so as to be in a position to avail of favorable circumstances books of subscrip tion have feeerj ordered to be opened at suitable points uo-der the supervi sion of suitable superintendents we have had talk enough j action now is the word t thos b english ' president c ' frederiqkfegwn conservative please popy * distribution ft 1 lei-ters in fur6pe 1 tke following table f&ow the manner i which letters ar distribu teifjn thepriacipai^ounjtrles of eu rope t j , . austrla—bronght id the door 4 in ' all cases without carrier's fee in smajler places villages and farms a ; fee of two kreutzers one cent is j charged belgium—brought to the door throughoutthe kingdom eaglartd—by carriers wfthout fee france—by'carriers without fed tothadoo^in^^oth city ndcoum ry poste-restante exis^for letters sd addressed and when the person ad&fess w nt>t found hanseati fciti^s—bremen-^-by lei ter carriers to the door l|alj-—to the do@r by carriers without fee 1 tho netherlands—by carriers without fee prussia—by carrier in largo cit ies the fee will soon be abolished en tirely la the rural-districts it id about i s-i cents per letter switzerland—by carriers without fee f governor safter the first discoverer f gold in california is supported by a pension from the state f cbrastock who found and gave his tiame to the great silver lode injtf#vada,is ft va grant trespasser la jd&btanaj jlu gould locator of thejgould and cur ry ofaim id making shingles at was hoe talleyf marshal and werner who found the first gold on the south fprk of the american river fa 1847 are both reduced to biting poverty the list might be largely extended and is in no wise encouraging to gold hunters ths strength op ice.—the ij s prdeance department declares that ; ice two inches thick will bear infant tj foor inches cavalry with light guns j six heavy heavy field gansj and eight inches the heaviest seige gam ivitli 3,00q pounds weight to the death of gen cass from tie st i,otu dispatch 18th exu lewis case died at his resi dene in detroit yesterday morning in the eighty-fourth year ot his age he was the last statsmen of that old school bow passed away forever—the compeer of jackson calhoun web ster clay ben ton wright and for syth—t^e post-bevolutionary giants who moulded our institutions into shape and carried the country to such a pitch of power and glory lewis ca&a was born at exeter jfew hampshire on the 9th of octo ber 1782 his parents were of puri tan stock and his father jonathan cass took an active and honorable part in the revolutionary war h receive hjs first edaeation at the academy at jexoter at wilming ton deleware to which place his father-removed in 1799 ana at mari-f etta ohio to which his father remov-l ed j 1800 la 1802 he was admitted to the praetiea of the law and began ufeatzanesvflle 10-|bo6he was roar ried to elizabeth spencer and shortly afterwards was elected to the ohio | legislature faere he took a leading i partja perfecting and passing a meas ure to thwartj3u f etreasooable-«che mes in thd southwest for his serv ices fn this matter er jefferson aa pwnted him v s marshal fur ohio io 1812 h&entefexufce service in the indian war,anct was chosen colonel of j.ho 34-ohio regimerv with wlkh he marched to detroit and thence to canada he having been the"first man of the army to stand 6n canada'eoil when hull piisillanimously surrend ered col cass^absent at th timo on a mission to prg^eet precision train expressed hfs shame at the disaster by breaking his sword and throwing u a%a^rwhen asked is deliver it dp j 1818 be was exchanged and was appointed colonel in%he regula^ar my a and shortly afterwards was pro moted q bo brigadier general he served during the war and at its close amoved to detroit where be purchased iand whose increased vaf uegave him the yast wealth of which he was the possessor in his old dge 12 li 1 he was ppointed secretary war hy president jackson and in is3 was appointed minister to franc la i§44 be was elected ub senator from michigan and was the most conspicuous advocate in 1845 of the fifty-four forty or fight pol icy oh the oregon juestion,ln which h was afterwards abandoned 1 by president p^lk who settled the dis pute by eqnapromisijjg on the parallel of 49 jn 18^8 h was 4he demor cf&tie candidate for president with gen wm o bntjer of kentucky on ihe titket for vice president in oppo sition to gen^tayicr and millard filn more nomina^d by jthe whigs he was beaten but was subsequently re flected to the senate where he co-op erated with mr clay on the com mittee o f thirteen in framing the compromise measures of lbsoyt settle the slavory controversy growing out of the mexican war after the pass age 6f the kansas-nebraska bill re pealing the missouri compromise in 1854 his influence begaii to ftane and michigan which had always before that upheld him and th democratic party became republicans and re quested him to resign his eat—a re quest which hadid not obey in 1857 he was appointed secretary of state by president buc&a&an and held the office tiu near the close of buchanan's administration since then ha has rived iff retirement at detroit hon ored by hia countrymen and respect ed even by those who hut been his opponents through a long and event ful political career — -'■■■-— u a 9©neession has just deen mada to atoerica*wfee-iiii by franco which shows how fesirou or pleasing us louis kapoleon is at present orders have been issued that french sut>j«cts who have become naturalized citizen of this country will on t^vmting france no be saojectr to fconscrip n ' vl'd€sd^lldy re6or(f theif cer tificated naturalization at the pro per office in paris his g th«f first time that the french govern meet has renounced itmaims over its own subjects we are afraid that ft wilt be some i ( me before ihe german and other european monarchies will be induced to iollow its example the famous life-siaed equestrian portrait of gen'i scott ordered by the commonwealth t>f virginia in 1857 which they refused to accept when the general declined to become a traitor for them is 6lothed now h hi decease with additional interest it was painted by etlwatd traye a native of switzerland o artist of considerable note the general sat for the picture at west point and selected che|)tiltopee for\t4 scene it is the largest equestrian portrait eve produced an this country nd is now it the capitout washington s'rdm meniphis we have delafls of a murder commited r«ar thatelty by | three men who wer arrested whil j on the way to the prison a relative 6f the murdered maa killed one of th assassins mortally wounded another shot the third in the rro and was himself jdued b the officer m charge of the party * -? je uu iti michigan r taking de cided jneagareg with the undecided young men a girl asked a young man when he intended to marry her the youpg man said he was not on the marry and the girl droke a tea pot filled with scalding water over his head she was justified of course rhode island has a model legisla te i hai adjourned aftef a session or fon^days^anisg which time no less than eighty-three acts and resol utions were passed -■■"■» , , u is reported thafc the farmer iff texeg havor harvested the finest crop of wheat eret rniscd in he st^*e « the united states grand jury for the southern district of alabama judge basteed's district has found a bill of indictment against george m \ gayle on the charge 10 murder and conspiracy to overthrow the tjnitefl states government gay la has been arrested and hold to ausvrsr fji thi sum of 015,00(1 he is the man who advertised irf the selmapapers for a und of pne million dollars to procure the assassination of mr lincoln he was brought to washingtdn last snm nrer by lieutenant c d mehaffey of the regular army and afterwards-con fined in fort more f hamper's doings we \ learn from the bowling green ky gazette that on friday the bth in stant f a political meeting atnevyjßod was broken up by^harper and fykes who it is stated where hunting fo sheriff butler who has indictments against the ruffians when des peradoes broke in upon the meeting/1 tbe paper from which we qa<ste says the speakers and audience stood not upon the order of their going 6 bal went it fast and fcriously the weekly argus w jku hamilton editor cape oirardeaiji thursday jone 28 1866 tfce troubles of the country come f bom uneasy politi ians itg safety from the tranquil masses.—{ben ton marb i x d , tn 4h big bend on the mth ult by wm h boon 48 bxthkjji to jkw louisa dee all of cape grirardeau eouaty jf 0 tr b tigntnrißß 1 mfiriiy c6iisilloi at liw t ; cape dirakdfeatt missouri ' jriu practice ii ah tfie cowts of ttie enth n d ou)iti circuits and the district a^d supreme courts i 53f^3»^l«'ctt<>n*pia>mptly attended to e2b-t job c/rbamj rce ciikam t « ' oi oanz ta*i»s t>rpas*®iii»lnlorßjtag ib ladies-a»x£&«n«ert»eij of c<»pe girarileau that he is now prepared to furnish ice cbbaai^imii oourfectionarifg at all fao«»s cr ta partje and private families on the shortest notice j^ney gro^wies tta&t pr-eeefved fvuits bysfersj sartliues c , je2b-3aj f qteat notice ' *" . i'4kek vp by wm b whitakfr oi shawnee town ship o-apa oirlrdeau fiounty mo ou the 14th day oi , jviiae is^i btnl ported iiefore ijobert ftueryj a jas-t tire i ot the peace within nd for said county a make mtnle»^<w years old fourteen hm bigh^ot a dark bay or bruwn color with no marks^or brands pweeiva-f hie except collar mmksj and ajijpra^ssd at o«e huudr«4 and tweaty-flve dollais je2s *£!& 3f wchai^lbd l^rttees wui ajnixg in the post office at cape jcsij rakdkiu mo junk tl 6 ' asps * jr acfeasffljiwiiwaktu ap%ley 4 t mells dc-lsey x jbek»b ejis norman34i«s luita 3 dudue hon a q post mrs susan dukbats b p kor<»v wi'uiam hinhle wm t bicht jacob sel a i soho«ivnt«cker h 3j hanrell oi schukz leopold hutch-inscn mt haa-tlia turnbcx albert ® j;nmgiap miss jana w<jodfln columbus t3r to obtain any tit tkeke letters the avplicant must call for s'advertised letters give ttm j»te t this lisfr,tm)d pay one cent for advertising if not call pd far witlua on&tnontb they will b»*e««t to the dead letter office l f klostehman.n p m tjuardias's^gale of ' heal by virtue*f an onler of the county court of dw hiv county mo fiiadft at the last may term of said court 1 w|u ; la obedience ii said ofd-or oi tuesday the 2xsf day p august>'6 at the court housp in the town of jackson during the of th tlouiny court of cape jirardftau buo ly ms expose at public auction all the interest of t)!ie>*nftw heirs erf liuoinaa janet stok deeeaa*d in and to lots 2j mid 22 iwrange eof ihe city of ciip ' sißarde»u 4le eashi johiif h stokes gusrdias capft girard,^att june»2 a 186«.—j*28-i3 \ ismikistlatqk's notice 1 notice is hereby given that 1-ettersof administration jiavf b«^n granteti ta the tttx&tt&gaea by the-#ounty court of capegirarde&u county mo in vacation da ted june atst 4s«6 on the w»u oi ja«&b urelker dece»sed alt pers©n iadebted to s«id estata are required to make immediate payment and all persons having claims against said estate are requested to exhibit them to me for allowanoe within en,e year from.the da-te of ifsidflefcfcere oj they may hbe precltided from having any beneflt of such estate and if not pr^s«pt ed within j.hree years will be forevet barred • je2br 3 j j georgg eb adm'r d esignation kotice n«tke is ues-a&y riven that i rfli«ll resign the fetters of administration heretofore granted to mo on the estate 61 george w ii wine deeeashsd afr the next att gust term of the county court ot bellingerc.ounty mo to bftbegwa and held in-the town of dallas and county aforesaid on jionday the 13th day of august b<i<3 fceib*j*l if b hevklle adm'r j^esignation notice '" tr not'ce is hereby giwn that i shall resign tbe letters «* dmi-nigtiiatioi»-her«tofore granted to tee on the es tate of kobf-rt j bevelle deceased at the arxt au gust term of thef-court ofßollinger fiounty mo./io be begun and held in^the town ot dau*s n<l commy bforptrald oa monday 1 the 13th day of august 1866 >, je2b 3 * g b bevbl^b adffl'r dmikis rkator's kotice j?^ifff i<ss*reb giv^that fottwa ol liltnlnistra uoa-were granted to tbe uudejmgoea by the county qtmrt ef scott>(j(jtimyj mo in vacation on hid estate ut john wilson deceased dated juae % s 1866 alt parsons tnd»bted to said estate are required to m-ake yainqdiats payijient and all having claiifis agaitlst the same are requested to exhibit them for ttow*nc ptopwly a-utheßtk&ted within one year from th above date or they may be precluded from f»y benefit t said^sftat and » nchs presented wuhin three years from thedat of said letters tue will t torevsti varied « j p2b:3 * , r m vp oftsel a dm'r j^inal settlement creditors and all others interested in tl>e f state ol t-ti*rlca vmcnd deceased fate ot scott county xo are hereby iwtifled tbat o the first day wf th next tana of the totmty cotirt of said county to bo com ui 1 1"11 em ib th owo f eoßunerco county afoi-esaid on the fotuth monday in 18c6,1 wjll t mak n«a istueftmut »{ t«d^**t|it ! jgaa-a haktwkli bkock adm'r pistal sextlem.ekt r '" ' ':" "** <■ creators and all^thwb,toter«g<*f in ttoe*stit ol i wiin>m dockw,deceased late of scott county mo pea rab ? aoufle4 that thimex4*or«^l tfcecwml : v cdnrt of scott county to be begun a,nd held in the t n uli 0 1 iw eaid c«ttoty mih 23d day ol juiy 1868 f will make a final settlement of said es t*t rj*g3-a enj g silman adnt'r <■ fc>a pinai settlement dr^l 1*0 1 1 m others int««^e in the estate of of x ** c bereby n°tifle4 that at th next term th d \* c town of commerce in said county on toe 23d 4ay vt julj 156 i wrtlan^e «„*, set tl«mett j«wi tat h winchester it adminirtratw 1 notice ttsl*lt!!-j l'rt j kjtc thav tt ra of admmistra 4jffce blss^i 8~w«o™ty *»•> b the wtat ulf^?a i^r'^f 6*'*9 k*y*bbtl 1868 mak«^?»!2 ?* ej>tw to mid steie r required to c^to b^?ij v j p ylßelrt n •» p«*o baling notice them tons lorimoj te*«.^nestedto mhibit fr%b i s^kkosi rirjffinßs idnartistriilof *♦ hqrn eon qrdekof publication in the circuit court of bollinger county missouri david smith plaintiff 1 . . * . * against t civil ction on destroyed peter r smith defendant ) jnflffnent now comes at this day david smith the plaintiff in in the above entitled cause before the undersigned clerk of tha circuit gonrt f bohiuger county in va cation and flies his petition and affidavit stating among other things that the above named defendant leter ». smith is » non-resident of he state of mis souri if ft thereupon ordered by the clerk aforesaid in vacation that publication be made notifying him that an action has been commenced against him by pe tition 1n the circuit court of bollinger county in the state of missouri the nature and general object of which is to reinstate judgment and proceedings on judgment in a suit by attachment for the sum of three hundred and seventy-nine dollars with interest and costs and that unless he be and appear at the next term of said court to be holden at the court house in dallas within the county ot bollinger on the first monday of september 1866 and on or before the third day thereof if the tt>rm shall so long continue and if not then before the end of the^term judgment will be rendered against him and his property attached sold to satisfy the same f it is further ordered that a copy hereof be published in the cape girardean weekly argus a newspaper published in the city of cape girardeau in this states for four weeks successively the last insertion to be at least four weeks before the commencement of the next term ot said court a true copy attest philip butherlix clerk greerw davis pl'fts att'jr june 32 1866.—je28-3 i qrder of publication in the circuit court of bollinger county missouri—ln vacation june the 22d 1866-«-i>n the circuit court bollinger county state of mi&souii f william c moore plaintiff )„•.. „„»;„„ „ a . against f civil action on a de lete r fcmith defendant $ . stroyed judgment now at tbis day comes the plaintiff in the above en titled cause before th.c undersigned clerk of the cir cuit court of said county of bollinger in vacation and flies his petition verified by affidavit stating among other things that the above named defendant peter r smith is a non-resident of the state of mis souri it is therefore ordered by the clerk ia vaca tion that publication be made notifying the defend ant that an action has been commencpd against him by petition the general object and nature of which is to obtain judgment on a judgment rendered at the sep tember term of said circuit court far the year 186 against said defendant for the sum of seven hundred and fifty-eight dollars with ten per cent interest and costs of suit which judgment plaintiff petition al leges was obtained for money paid by plaintiff as sure ty for said defendant and which said judgment was destroyed.before the same was satisfied and asks thai the property attached ia the original suit commenced by attachment on which saidrdestroyed judgment was founded be sold to satisfy the ame and that nnles defendant be and appear at the next term of said court to be oolden at the court house in dallas in said county of bollinger on the third day of september 1866 and on or before the third day judgment will be rendered against him and his property sold to 6atisfy the same it is further that a copy hereof be published in the cape girardeau weekly argus a newspaper published in the city and oennty of gape girardeau state of missouri for four weeks successively the list insertion to bet tit least four weeks before the commencement of the nrxt term of said court a true copy attest r philip sutherun clerk greer w davis pl'ffs att'y . june 22,1866.—je28-3 qrdee of publication in the bollinger county circuit cotfrt—to september term 1866 william c^moore plaintiff j bcti<tff ftttacn , jason h hunter defendant > mentr now at this day comes william c meore the plain tiff in the above entitled causey before the iindersi*n ed clerk of the'ctrcutt c<wt of bomingfr county missouri in vacation aud files his petition and^fflda vit stating among other things that the above nam ed defendant jason h huwter !« a non-resident o this state it is thereupon ordered by the clerk afore said in vacation that publication be macle ontifyin him that an action has been made against him by pc tition and attachment hi the circuit court of bollini ger county in the state of missouri founded on thre<t several promissory notes undone account assigned t said plaintiff by c t wjls.bn for tßcsnuj ot eigu fmndt'cd and mnety-\tw dollars-and ninety cfthsj 892 90 ) that his property i above to t a(fcach*d and that mles he be*nd appear 1 at the nexfrterm of this cdurt to 6e holden at the court<hoi#sej in dallas on-the firs monday of september 3,866 and on or be fore the third day thereof if the term shall so jgnp mntinse and if ncrtf then before the end f the i?veot judgment will be rendered against jiiift and hfi pro perty sold to satisfy the same it is further ordered tbat a copy-hereof tie pub'ishe4 fin the cape gir&rdaau weekly afkus » tiew.-papeji published in the county of cape ifartfeau missouri for tons w<*f-ka successively the last insertion to be at legist fofr wks before the commencement of^b next teriaoi said court a true copy attest *■ . pbicip sutubrlin clerk gr*»ftrw.€>avi pl'ffs atfc'y this june 22 1866 ji-28-3 pinal se^tlem-est '' '*' '' creators and all others interested in ts estate of jes'se griddle daccased late of cap giratdeau county mo ar hereby notified tha en tfee first d«y i tht next term of the cape glrardoau county court to bet^guiv ana held in the town of-jackson on thr ward monday in august 1866 t will make finat settle . men^ef my-exeeutiorßhip of wm-estate ail persons having claims allowed in the fifth clssb of demand , agaipart aiii estate wijl please present ih«m for pro rata pnynvnt thos ft english iem-2 ibxecut<jr_of said estate qbdbh of~wblicationr in the circuit court fc boljrnger county missonrii september term a ». 86 banj o jlissourv "\ petition to tecovei vs f judgment on a f«r jason h.jhianter william g f mer jthlsment^rlon grimsley and jas 0 noell j dered sept 7™866 - jnt w«t this day comes the bank of missouri plain tiff iirthe above entitled cause by her attorney be fore the clerk of the circuit court of boljrnger cotln ty in vacation and files h«-r potition and affidavit statittg atnotig*t other things that jaso-ti h hunter and william c g*imsu-y two of the abtif named de fen(t«»ts ar non-residents of this state it ia there hroo ordered by the clerk afikesai^in tacatioa that publicathm be toade notifi ing them that an aeiion has been wnuueuwd against thpnj b patitieu in the 6k c-uit court f boriinger county iv the state of missouri tig ireweral nature and object ej wfekb is to reinstate judgment and proceedings iv the above entitled cause for tlxe sum 0,1 savfi^fcundrfd and aiiwty-nifle dollapt and eiajjty-uine 3nt and'that unless they be and ap p*a**-j»t ihe 1 pcxt f term o ssid oqw t beholden a the x ui't house in dallas within the county of bol fingw vii the first monday sot september next 1866 ) ami on or before tha third day thereof if the tf»rm shah m k«ig eotttsiefuft ana if tint-then before the end of the temi judfrnieiit will be rendered against them m accordance with live prayer of t,he pl*intitf s peti tion t it is fitftlierordered that & copy hereof be pubtiehed in the cape girardeau weekly argns a newspapoi pttblfehed in tb-e county*ef cape 6-irardf>a*u state of missouri for tour weeks successively the lastinser tiow o be t least tour-week before the commence ment-ox the bext term of said court this 16th day ■ h may as 1836 a true coriy attest philip sutnekwn cl«sik joeo 1 s greejie jitt'y for pi'ff je2t-2 qrdeb of publication r in the circuit court of bominger county missouri september itenn 1866 bank of missouri 1 ... . , , t w ■* f petition to supply lest wifliarn t gri'nisley \ r^ard now at this day comes the bank of miswnwf plain tiffin the above entitled cause by her attorney before the uadersigned clerfcof the c««cu*t court o bowin gcr county in vacation and flies her pet:tion and ait davit statinp amongst other tning r that the above named defendant william c grimsl.y is a non-resi eat of thiy sute 4t i thereupon ordered by the clerk aforesaid in vacation that publication be piade notifying hi t&at an action has been oia meueed against him by petition in the circuit court v bollinger gountv m the state of missouri the gen eral nature and object of wbich is ti reinstate udg meat ana proeeedirgs in-the above entitled auae for the sum of seven hundred and eighty-two dollars and ewuty-flva cents n<i that unvess he he and appear at-the next term of said court to be holdftn at the coart boose in dallas within the county of bowugex sui^jl 8 mou<lay of september ttext 1866 judg eu*wiii be tendered again*t him in accordance with the prayer of the plaintiff's petition i • ♦£ br rer jered t}lbt » py tereof be 1 pubiish h«k k c ape glrat*»«n week j argws % newspaper published in the^unty of cap/gtrardeau missouri tor four weeks successively the ia*t ihsertieni 4o be at least four weeks before the commencement of the i°tme i**^1 **^ baw mf 19ak fiay ** 6 eeo.tt."greene atvy for pi'ff '' j e a 2 qrdbs of pubxicatioif la the oirtßi obwt4>f fiellioaer sotfety stat»of iti and andrew j dreaa ! petition to twmet tsruti.tr #» f7 _. r iu<tentent on for lutet gimgi *** j»°»b f v i«dgmenfe «^ wl al*?i ane wilham kovtn wllliattt p cott and aadrew *. ureas plaintiffs in the above en wwea cans fey ttoeir attorney before the sndereign«<r were ci the circuit court of jjoliinger county in va uoo and files their petition ud affldavit stating amongst other things that william c sriaisley one of defendants in the above entitled cause ig a non resident of this state jt is therefore ordered by the clerk aforesaid in vacation that pubticatioa tee made notifying him that an action has been commenced against him by petition in the circuit court of bol linger connry jn the stuteof mluftoirij the general na tare and object of which is to reinstate judgment and proceedings in the above entitled causa tor the sum «# six htradreffand forty-two dollars and seventr-thre cents and 4ha sntest imb ad appear it th»«i term or this court to be holden at tbeloun jwt,f »^ dallas within the coamy f bolunket s ln mond of september aext 1866 an|ot n k c flv et third day tbereofj if the tu and if not then before the end of th e term ? tlm«i wtlj be rendered against bim i sl!7 mj j»dpn«"nt prayer l the plaintiff's petttion ccwdance ith ih to&^jss^&ter »•**»* pwbusoea in ape airardeat l t • i n«*bp«pe national militarjr asylum the managers of the national aoylßm ««*.*' ed volunteer oilier a«thori z e o y act of cw approved marc sr,;sm,mk pnjtuli ttf ist asylums hy donation or ale th^pnsaileß ibsi situate in one of the loyal 84a*esi<«o*rt&!b at ieurt sot ere of land and be in a fceanfijt-loomion/anrf i^jz access ttf s railroad ior otfcerwise if»th jmr#b e of the managers to--«rect vftuotl ete rtetari e a permaaent buildings for salffaaylimss and its estab lishment will be largely rautß«feoiib l any aeetu ß «** railroad in the vicinity of kb-lecaiieu bans specifications and 1 estimates for asylum'tttfldi ings including detached 1 cwtt ar ak^-asged'for the approval of the boa^d biberaascan^bßati wii be given for the successfnl plamr „ i proposals plans speciflc»mwfl and estrmtteg the i first named to be in writing;,.sooimining p^t addej [ scription of grounds and terms aud'conaitioirs of trana ! fer—must be sent to major ge»eraj by p bptler j lowell mass on or before the 28t!»dtiy;ef june ifingi benj b brjgjlßß president board of>"managers lewis b grnckei secretary ie7-b*t ay & galtjsha'3 ~~ livery and feed stables harmony between main and spanlßi street < cape girardeait,.mch the subscribers thjnkful for past favorsj respetrt fully inform their patrons and the public generally that they are constantly adding new horses carriagei and buggies to their already well stocked btables ; an ; the traveling public can always rely on being accom modated with ridin%harses or buggies on as reasona ble terms as can be had elsewhere » jeh-sm day k g alps ha bbnj s.bbll successor to thoma-s mib1 *♦ » bookseller and stationer wo 94 main street " old stand of fisher benwett jeh«3m st louis mo t7akm foe sale ' ~*- i * , six toiles nottheast of jackson and eight miles from keely's landing containing 104 ■§ f?i acres about 36>acres in cultivation balance 1 w heavily timbered j stock water-never failing jiailtl * a good two-story frame house with convenient ont buildings a good apple a»d peaoh orchard of entire i bit aud a variety of other fruits pox jfurthe*'in formation apply to h.ij wilsok eg or'tb the subscriber on the premises ** .>« my-31-tl jti mtjnscir live fapeb st i>ouis~pispatcn f first class family papea daily in advance /*•}...,..**.".!*. 16 oe - tri-weekly in advance m 00 weekljvin advance ..> r j ,.# m j ( g y * 00 weekly in clubs of ten 7t 1 a send for specimen copies to k s farnswokta 4 hawaoeii office co ihirtl f d locust sts st l,eui moi't ** 2 alma block l * "^^ , rea.fi estate agent will give his attention to the bnying and selling f re«l estate and paying taxes on the same in the city an county of cape girardeau wo parties wishing • purchase or sell wi)l do weil te coasult hira,-«s o po aesses facilities toßh!ith*r whicte will hv i ut«*l advaptage office in the st chsrles building jnj-,8-tf dr g a^enningf ph ysi 01a n anb surgeon respectfully offers hu aerviofs to the tritigens o jpspe girardeau-aad surrounding country . »» office hours from 7to 9 a m and from 1 to 3 v m ofllce in mr hemstedt's building harmony street 5 fcosito the acquaaisi mills apia office at his residence on spanish «?. r cape mo n.b.—pctrsong from adistatsce should gipim i«ui invariably make eugjtgements previousj^^^^s to coming to the cape to have4entistryxj7jy done as i am frequently awey from home imyl jh b m jug^f76ammann " at the old stand f a wjxle &. cq * now dfttjjwi a?e » large stock 4t wises aid liquor g y * bo©ts ano shoes if ats affd cai?s also an extensive and floe assortment ol . * china and glassware art of wkica will fte sold ** at liowest prices cn^r(sr d 8 bemtr alt vm*l v %? h g&sßsr i 1 hawkins s atbem s j wabd jjawkins albert & cq ' w*holesale grocers cotton and totoacca factors and l*sl gen'i com's'n merchants wo 58 north 2nd st bet pine k olive | apl».ly st horns mo igfj • qrder of potlioation v cape gfrardean court of common pleas—cape dhirar dean conn y missouri—june theflrst 1866—1n vac tion—ln the cape girardeau court of common plea '■ cape girsrdeau county miscouri . ' ellisohm kinder and laura his wife,y h and otfcers heirs of philip l«e deed j * piamtiff t petition tor wise defendant / jj*,l tbis *£»» the plaintiffs in the above entitled cause before the nder ß igned cier ot the said court of common pleas in vacation and file their petition statiug among other things that said de fendants david joseph d francist vise a*e o residents of this state it is therefore ordered by tne clerk aforesaid n vacation that publication b made notifying them that an action has been oa toenced against them by petition the general ow ihj«t!sr i b*lonkl / 2 to the we philip wis iece*«»d ' sl d 2 3 cape girardeau county among pla4ntiff and defeodams heirs of said deoeastd accordlßg 4 their respective rights set forth in said petition fn ffl ** ys e/ol " the sanle cannot r«»wss i in kind > nd that unless they be and appear at ths en a y th 1 xs 1 o gomroon pleas to be hold « * th/t x oi capft lr»»-d e au n said county em r «, 5 f ot aub«st next being the sixth day 1 f of said month and on or before the third j»y thereof f«ie term shall so lopg continue and if not brtoro • the end of the term judgment will be rendered lor .. partition of said real estate among those entitled «*■ * cordiug to the determination of said court and if th '« said r*al estate cannot be divided in kind without pmr •'• ju*ice the same wiu be ordered te be sold i**o t artb»r orderll tbst a copy bereof bt pnbli<he!l '>- m the cape girardeau weekly argus « newspaper • published in said city and couirty of cape girardeau tot four weeks successively the last insertion to be at r least four weeks before the commencement ot uto next term of said court a true copy j*t-s2 bdwaro t engelmann tjlexk qrdeb of ppblicatioyi % " in the cap q*iraraeati court vt common pleu eenntr ' mncymvsuxe^t {*«*•-»« *»*»™^^ xdw«««hi6 time comes john wadmni ho trfaiauflt % d mlhl c2l 1t*tai!*v>ooi>tt*t common wjf z>jr ? etltl»n and affidavit t»t»t*ft nmosgrt r w art y gb ' s ttbfe the o bamed defendtht kuc h thw^fs^'j * nonresident at fbta stmft it j tw^f order»<l by the clerk aforesaid is vacation t tb«_pm»l iba ttoß be msdeaottfying her th»t an actien nas been commence against net in t«4 court of com * mob pie petitioa tno genera i y ec t sod natwr or wtweb is f w 4iv«,<se7 by plaintiff from defendant -. f jot the cause of adultery on tae part ot aid defend ant j and that unless she be and appew fct the next " t«na«t said cowrt to *• bolden at the court hons lin the city ol cape gii-ardean in said county ot cap * girardeau t on the sixth day of august 1886 and on „ ': or before the third day of the term it the terra tbah ''' '*' so toag continne it not before the end of the ttrm * oec*ee will be made and judgment rendered divorcing plaintiff fronj tb.e bonds ol matrimony contracted by ?, flira with said defendant * it is further ordered that a copy hereof bo published f in 4he gape girardeau weekly argus a newspaper published in said city and county of cape girardeau lor four weeks successively the last insertion t bo ~ t leasmour weeks before the commenepment ot tho - b«*»wb\oi gaid court a true copy j bdwabb ». 3ngelmank p * - ii w shepperd titter ** £*» mm am«rf j^»w * i^chllboftons made promptly offlco la aifm »*- . kj flee opposite st charles hot j 1 capb giftardjeaff mo               
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Cape Girardeau Weekly Argus 1866-06-28

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